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1. Any non-athlete with ridiculously overpriced, often non-functional, athletic clothing and equipment, so as to appear proficient in said activity.
2. A poser.
syn: Spyder, Taylor Made
orig: The "hip" Puma line of fashion sportswear
I balled all over that lame Puma with the suede low tops.

Check out the slice on this guy. His swing is Taylor Made.
by hazmatt April 27, 2004
9 57
A brand that has ok clothes but AWESOME shoes. They are comfy and light and great whether you're playing sports or just walking down the street.
My Pumas cost me $70, but they were well worth it.
by Eugenee August 27, 2005
406 457
Please understand my attitude
I dont care if u dont like my puma!
by Ashshalee b May 16, 2004
5 56
A young woman typically in the age range of 20 to 32. They lurk in the shadows of bars and clubs wearing the newest fashions and listening to the trendiest music. They mostly hunt in packs for a man typically younger than them that they can string around for the night and make there boy toy. They sometimes travel with a Cougar or two, these are there mothers. Be warned being mauled by a Puma is better than a Cougar or Sabretooth
Wow check out that pack of puma's over there, they look hungry for the chase.
by Avran LeFeber June 30, 2006
406 469
A name brand of clothing that my boyfriend Jesse wears.
" Jesse lookz hella hott in that puma sweater."
by Chanel December 20, 2003
6 92