Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pumas also puma
Etymology: Spanish, from Quechua
Date: 1777
Date of urban adoption: circa mid-1990s
: a woman, typically in her 40s, who intentionally preys on younger men, who are typically in their early 20s. When pumas are attractive and well-maintained, they are typically coveted by younger males.
Related terms: cougar lynx
That puma is really fit. I'd love to jag her.
by Sam November 30, 2003
A woman in her 50's or higher who frequents bars or any other pubic place with the goal of finding and attracting younger men.
Friend 1: Look at that cougar over there.
Friend 2: Dude, she's at least 52, she's a puma - RUN!
by stclair May 10, 2010
The inverse cougar, this is an unattractive older woman who goes for younger men in bars. Using feminine wiles and the booze induced bad decision making to their advantage, they prey upon the younger man.
"We need to get out of here now. This place is Puma town."
by Slice of Fried Gold November 18, 2008
1. The puma is a type of big cat found in the Americas. Also known as a cougar, mountain lion, panther, catamount, or painted cat.

2. A connotation may be:
"A hott girl between the age of 25-35, 35-45 is a cougar"

I simply don't understand this. Puma and cougar are the exact same animal, so why is it two seperate age groups? Jesus people.
1a. "I jus' dun gone shot that thar puma. Right after it ate my gran'babies and raped my six wives."

1b. "Pumas are very interesting animals, but sometimes threaten modern civilization by not staying in the wild."

2. "Wow, look at those two sweltering cougars over therel!"
"No, Jeremiah, those are PUMAS."
"What the HELL is the difference?!"
by Snazzy Syro August 09, 2007
1)When using a bong, to take the entire cone in one hit.
2)(P)anties (U)p (M)y (A)rse, acronym for having a massive wedgie.
3)Big black cat that hunts animals and eats them.
4) A homosexual man, from mexican slang.
5) A poser.
1)Dude, he just puma'd that entire cone! and it was a trumpet mouthpiece!
2)I was winning the game so bad until i got PUMA and i was distracted
4)That gringo is such a puma.
5)Look at the pack of pumas over there in their convertable
by George August 14, 2005
a member of the puma league, an elite group of kids who excell at eating LSD. A term coined in the fall of 2003 at the blue ridge harvest fest buy the core group of founding pumas because they felt like they were "on the prowl" because they raged so hard. The only kids to successfully stay up all night while half the kids back at the campsite were spun out and unable to communicate, making them "housecats" in the eyes of the pumas. In other words, while the pumas raged the entire night the housecats merely sat in their litterboxes, watching universes form and collapse in the palms of their hands and repeating phrases like, "i'm so spun i can't think", "dude please stop melting" and "God, is that you?".
PUMA stands for Psychedelic Users: Masters of Acid. Induction to the puma league is difficult because the standards are fairly rigourous. They include being able to keep yourself under control the entire trip to the point where people unaware of your chemical ingestion would be unable to tell that you are in fact watching them liquify and puddle on the ground as they talk. Other requirements include a keen wit and sense of humor ie. pumas stomachs always hurt the day after the trip because they were laughing their asses off the entire time. Puma parties involve eating acid and cracking jokes/making idiotic comments to the point where everyone is in stitches with a smile so wide their cheeks hurt. The complete opposite of the inexperienced tripper, pumas despise people who misuse acid and act all spun out and gooft when they trip. Housecats beware, when the puma league rolls through you will be nothing more than fodder to be feasted upon by the hungry pumas. nobody rages like a puma, bitch
John Dirt, sMack assiter, the easter bunny, and Scooter were up all night tripping and laughing their asses off. The next morning they all felt as though they had done 300 sit ups because their abs were so sore from laughing; that's the puma shit right there.
by Umphreak April 03, 2005
A homosexual man.

Origin: Mexican slang. One of the less offensive ways of calling someone gay (as opposed to, say, 'maricon'). Mexicans see the puma as the most affeminate of the big cats.
Eres pumita (you are a little puma).

Billy wore the Puma track suit to the restaurant, but was baffled by the laughter of the hispanic cooks.
by ElBorracho February 23, 2005
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