penis up my ass clothing brand
man i wanna get some puma
by RaZoaR April 26, 2007
an acronym my friend and i have made up so that we dont disgust the boys in our class.
PUMA stands for "Pad Up My Ass".
girl 1: aw man, i have my period..
girl 2: oh really?
girl 1: yeah, i have a PUMA.

boy 1: wtf is PUMA?
by aleesshhaa... March 05, 2007
a dirty, smelly, generally disgusting vag (pronounced "pew-ma")
"Man, I smelled the worst puma in the hostel last night..."
by la sirenita September 08, 2006
Possibly the



damn, Eric is PUMA!!!
by patrick golub July 28, 2006
Penis. Up. My. Ass. ... self explanitory
Brandon Locke recieves pumas from Joe Frutz everyday this week; it has been hard for him to sit down; but he enjoys it very much.
by Stephdizzle August 22, 2004
The act of being worked over or completely dominated in anything.
WOW, the Packers just got absolutely puma'd by the Vikings this weekend.

I'm going to puma you in basketball this weekend.
by Ryoooooon September 14, 2006
it´s so easy puma is pleas,use,my,ass
p lease
u se
m y
a ss
for girls ooo baby i like it in the ass. please use my ass
do you get it.
by atee June 23, 2005

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