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interj. Taken from Chappelle's Show, used after you put someone in their place/make them your bitch.
"You sit down when you pee."
by trick trickster September 27, 2005
Noun- A free video game and animation engine that is popular with beginners and indie developers.
The Unity engine powers many egglike and 3D Browser games.
by UNDEFINED_PROXY_1337 July 07, 2014
A key part of the punk culture. Most true punks, no matter where they come from, would stand up for brethren in time of need. Its the feeling of being a minority in a place that hates you, you cling to people like you and form a bond almost as close as love. I listen to street punk, my friends listen to crust punk....we have differences but if some prep or cop tried to start a problem, they know ive got their backs as well as they have mine. Im not personally sure where it started, im sure if you asked an old punk they'd tell you, all I know is I won't let it die.
operation ivy song-"there ain't noting wrong with, another unity song...."

The casulties(ignoring the fact that they are fake punks) when they say things like up the punx
by scott droze April 20, 2006
Math slang for exactly one.
The limit as x->0 of e^x is unity.
by Antwizzle June 21, 2005
Pronunciation Key (YOO-ni-tee)

1. Of or pertaining to the unit (a.k.a. "penis")

2. Likened, as in by reference, to the unit (a.k.a. "penis")
1. She swallowed the unity discharge with great gusto.

2. This zucchini is vaguely unity.
by gadiv August 06, 2006
Taken from Chapelle's Show.The action of cockslapping a woman on the forehead whilst shouting "Charlie Murphy!" to put one's partner in line.
"Man, I gave my girl Julia a unity cause she was gettin' lippy."
by Jobez June 16, 2006

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