a women in thier 30's picking up high school to college guys. Your a puma before you become a couger.
look at that puma waliking her dog.
by legendless November 06, 2009
Puma, not a big cat, but actually stands for Possibly the Ugliest Motherfucker Alive. Used to describe both males and females, it is a derogatory term.
"That puma Flava Flav is the only crackhead I know with a TV show."
by Zach Car August 14, 2007
You use this term when somebody makes a spelling mistake, this started when we found out a bad speller had the worst trainers in history. Hilarity surely ensued.
Person1: Hey did you see the spimsposn??
Person2: spimsposn pumas.
by Rooisgay April 28, 2005
a puma is a older woman who is a lesbian and dating a younger girl.
a 18yr old, dating her friends lesbian mom, would make the older woman or mom a puma.
by -Nycolle.(: January 04, 2011
A dark skinned "cougar."
"A Puma is a black Cougar."
by Antonio234 December 29, 2009
Not just the plural form of a dangerous feline. The term 'pumas' can be used to indicate someone's illiteracy, poor spelling and poor typing.
(Idiot): I saw ths masive truck outside my house!

(Person): ths masive pumas!
by Lord Arael of Black Wood May 02, 2005
another name for the warthog on halo/red vs. blue
"it dosnt look like a warthog, it looks more like a big cat, like a puma"
by Mikey and Josh January 30, 2004

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