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Men and women who dress and are into the psychobilly scene. They usually have switchblade pompadours, female pomps, bettie bangs, creepers, bleached denim jackets, a myriad of band patches, cuffed jeans, etc., etc., etc. Imagine DIY Punk mixed with Rockabilly.
Ever since that terrible article in Vogue came out about psychobilly, everyon is turning psycho.
by Crazy Haley Demons November 13, 2003
6 10
ultimately my mother
thumbs up if you know your momma's crazy
by panda August 23, 2004
3203 694
a deranged and/or psychopathic person who is a mentally ill or unstable person. also see psychopath.
psycho: "whoo hoo hoo hoo! im a fucking, mentally ill psycho!"
me: "you fucking sound like Tigger!"
psycho: "that's T-I double Guh Er!"
by like, dude! May 29, 2003
769 330
N. One who displays violent or anti-social behavior, often attributed to mental instability or personality defect.
Jim is known as Sergeant Death because he's a total psycho.
by Naughtius Maximus May 08, 2005
482 223
The ex boyfriend/girlfriend
"oh no! the psycho is knocking at my door! I told him it's over but he ain't gonna leave me alone!"
by refresh button July 10, 2008
344 150
this lunatic who makes me write definitions about people.. Im kinda looney too so I guess i don't mind too much.
That vitale sure is a fucking psycho. I feel sorry anyone who comes into contact with that nutter. HA HA HA.
by Mikey Rehmyer December 27, 2007
214 125
a) a psychotic, someone suffering from a from of psychosis
b) Alfred Hitchcock horror masterpeice psycho (1960) accredited with signifying the birth of the slasher movie
c)a psychobilly someone affiliated with psychobilly culture, fashion and music
a) he killed his mum, he must be a psycho
b) have you seen psycho, Norman Baites kills his mum
c) he killed his mum and has a flat top, he must be a psycho
by Tom Rowsell May 30, 2007
168 84
me and all my other personalities
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
222 161