Someone who laughs all alone at something not funny in a Facebook message
"That's really not funny, you're such a psycho"
by bitteraboutthat August 14, 2013
someone whom you ask to leave a tent and then they begin to change into the hulk.
People in the tent: "Shannon please leave our tent"
Shannon *becoming psycho* : "you pathetic parasites!"
by threeways July 04, 2011
Character in the Movie "Stripes". Francis "touch me and I'll kill you" Soyer.
"My name is Francis Soyer, but everbody calls me psycho. Anyone calls me Francis, and I'll kill you. And I don't like nobody touchin' me or my stuff. If I catch any of you...homos...touching me or my stuff....I'll kill you.
by Kebreac April 02, 2008

a person who
1. lives in their own fantasy world;
2. believes their own lives;
3.thinks they have friends that will help them kick your ass when you say something logical;
4. does not understand common sense, integrity, dignity or self respect;
5. causes unnecessary problems for attention;
6. pretends to make plans to hang out to show they are the 'good one' when in actuality is a shady bitch
7. cannot control their emotions
person 1: Wow, that Frances girl is such a psycho!
person 2: Frances started shit with me, and I have never even met her! Who is she?
person 3: Frances is a girl? sounds like a guy's name, what a fag
by frances only friend March 21, 2008
An over-the-top psycho.
Andy's cousin Kim is a p-sy-cho.

Beth started screaming at me like a p-sy-cho.
by Psycho Beth November 30, 2011
What a guy calls a girl if...

1. She displays an unwelcome emotion.
2. She disagrees with him.
3. She is good in bed.
4. She is smarter than he.
5. She breathes.
She told me I was a pig, she must be psycho.
by The Real Girl in PNW March 02, 2010
1.another word to substitute intense or intensely because you say it so damn much


3.someone who is not mentally stable and usually in most cases kills for a living.
your so psycho loosen up dude.

wow that boob job is psycho bad!

did you hear about that psycho on the news who killed all those people and hid them under his house?
by chaachit April 17, 2009

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