Crazy bitch who rats on her friends, vengeful and conniving, does not get wet in her vagina.
Anastasia T. is a psycho
by Floor11 March 18, 2010
Can be a short word or nickname for psychology.
Might be used be someone who does not like the subject or does not like their teacher.
If you have psychology as a subject say at college,
"What do you have next?" "Psycho."
"I have psycho next, what do you have?"
by secretheart10 January 23, 2010
1.another word to substitute intense or intensely because you say it so damn much


3.someone who is not mentally stable and usually in most cases kills for a living.
your so psycho loosen up dude.

wow that boob job is psycho bad!

did you hear about that psycho on the news who killed all those people and hid them under his house?
by chaachit April 17, 2009
Men and women who dress and are into the psychobilly scene. They usually have switchblade pompadours, female pomps, bettie bangs, creepers, bleached denim jackets, a myriad of band patches, cuffed jeans, etc., etc., etc. Imagine DIY Punk mixed with Rockabilly.
Ever since that terrible article in Vogue came out about psychobilly, everyon is turning psycho.
by Crazy Haley Demons November 13, 2003
What a guy calls a girl if...

1. She displays an unwelcome emotion.
2. She disagrees with him.
3. She is good in bed.
4. She is smarter than he.
5. She breathes.
She told me I was a pig, she must be psycho.
by The Real Girl in PNW March 02, 2010
preferably, an ex-girlfriend
This bitch was seriously psycho.
by that one funny guy May 05, 2009
A christian
I, an atheist, got attack by a psycho christian thats going to hell anyway, even if there is a hell(which there isn't) because I proved the world evolved, not came out of nowhere because somebody "said it was so"
by 7a7jf April 18, 2009

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