A crazy person who just cannot control his/her feelings.
Ashley J.K. is a psycho. Whenever someone talk about her she throws down whatever shes holding and screams.
by UrbanAsian2.0 January 05, 2011
a deranged and/or psychopathic person who is a mentally ill or unstable person.
the psycho bitch broke my doors with her f***ing head!
by terrific!yo! August 09, 2009
1. A crazy person or thing. Someone that is Psychotic.

2. An amazing movie made by Alfred Hitchcock from 1960.
1. When my mom found my weed in my underwear drawer she went psycho!

2. I couldn't shower for a week after I watched Psycho!
by AprilIsFreakingAmazingIsh March 14, 2010
A person who, or organization that, is so obsessed with something that they believe it to be the only right/correct/proper/acceptable thing, believes that their way is never wrong nor does anything wrong, believes all other ways are wrong/evil/misguided/unacceptable and seeks to shove their belief down your throat because they believe you are in need of being educated, converted, saved, etc. They are always close-minded and unable to think for themselves. They simply follow and try to spread whatever screwed-up ideology they were too weak-minded to save themselves from.
That guy's a psycho-patriot.

He's a psycho-american.

They're psycho-christians.

I have psycho-parents.

That's a psycho-religion.

We don't engage in psycho-politics.

Disclaimer: Not all patriots, Americans, Christians, religions or parents are psycho. They were simply used as examples because some of them are psycho.
by Name: Anonymous July 23, 2008
A person who don't cry when mufasa dies in the lion king
do not ever watch the lion king with a psycho. One of you will not survive the experience
by Sabronna February 29, 2016

a person who
1. lives in their own fantasy world;
2. believes their own lives;
3.thinks they have friends that will help them kick your ass when you say something logical;
4. does not understand common sense, integrity, dignity or self respect;
5. causes unnecessary problems for attention;
6. pretends to make plans to hang out to show they are the 'good one' when in actuality is a shady bitch
7. cannot control their emotions
person 1: Wow, that Frances girl is such a psycho!
person 2: Frances started shit with me, and I have never even met her! Who is she?
person 3: Frances is a girl? sounds like a guy's name, what a fag
by frances only friend March 21, 2008
A promiscuous woman of questionable mental stability.
"She totally overreacted! What a complete psyc-ho!"
by James Atha February 23, 2008
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