A psycho is someone who is a Killer
Masked Maniac: Im'a Kill you! and ma name i Mike Myers!

Me:shit motherfucking psycho!!!!!!!!! wtf u shreck?
by struccer February 17, 2009
sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature. (noun)
Emily: Wow, I think I can read your mind, I must be psycho!
Orla: I think so too.
by StapletonsCrowd March 06, 2008
psycho is what happens when your boyfriend cheats on you
the definition on top of me is an example of a cheatin person with its results
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
Its a very cool genre of music that you can be part of. And once you are, you can also be considered a psycho
Hey, are you into Psycho? or Hey! did you see that hot psycho with the tall quiff
by Joana August 01, 2004
us....i mean me...heh heh...
i have advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narsiccistic rage....yeah me too man
by ducky May 06, 2004
A person who listens to psychobilly
Psycho's are better than dirty punks!
by MMMiiiDDD February 27, 2005
That guy at the party standing in the corner of the room pretending to be a hatstand. Or the guy you put your tent up next to at a music festival.
psst... over there. No eye contact. That one with foam dribbling over his chin... psycho.
by Bob Random August 27, 2003

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