Noun - One who, years after showing proficiency at a given activity, has the ability to commence said activity at the highest level without the benefit of practice or rehersal. May not apply to weekends.
see Norman, Gregory, at 2008 Open Championship.
by vesa007 July 18, 2008
Norman (v).

To approach aggressively, or run up towards. As in "Stormin' Norman" or "The Invasion of Normandy".
I was just minding my own business when these two girls just normaned right up to me, I think they thought I was someone famous.
by Phil Machardi August 16, 2005
A very sexy man. Everyone likes him and has no haters can beat the shit out of most people and has a big dick. Very athletic and loving has good grades and doesnt care what people say about him. Also is very smart and strong.
Whoa did you see normen? he's so sexy.
by S0ngz April 25, 2011
To finish a race or competition in a frantic fashion. To come from behind to win a race in a frantic finish.
hey yo look, he pulled a Norman.
Hey son hes gonna pull a Norman
by Infectious March 31, 2007
A Norman is a sexual term for sleeping with your protege, son, mentee, or sidekick's girlfriend and knocking her up. This is the exact opposite of being cuckolded.

The term comes from the American Comic Book character Norman Osborn, who has banged hot young chicks right under the noses of his son andand proceeded to get them pregnant.

It is considered in some circles that making her pregnant is really only a "half" Norman, and to do a full Norman, you have toss her off a Bridge.
Oh man, dude totally Normaned his son. You should seen the look on his face when he found out his pops was hitting that shit all along and he's been raising his brother all these years.
by Pezdro August 14, 2009
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