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ok its pretty simple:
a prude-slut is a girl who goes out with alot of guys, but doesn't ever do anything with them, even just kissing.
dude maria is such a prude-slut, shes gone out with 5 different guys in the past 2 months and hasnt done anything more than pop kiss them!
by cams. September 01, 2007
148 46
the biggest oxy-moron in the world... i dont know what it means
When selina called me a prude slut I was like WTF! Your a prude slut....after all you are the one who acts prude but gives nasty ass eugene head secretly!
by "prude slut"...apparently April 12, 2005
103 62
A girl who acts like a prude, but at the end of the night is definitely going home with somebody.
"LeAnn seems like such a prude , she rarely flirts with guys." "Yeah right! She's brought home a guy every night this week, definitely a prude slut."
by Buttmuncher 43 December 29, 2012
21 7
someone who is a slut when drunk and prude when sober.
danine is a prude slut.
by bbgood August 13, 2008
44 37
A female that refuses to have sexual relations with her current "lover", but cheats on him with many men sexually.
Guy 1: I never get laid, but it's ok, she's saving herself
Guy 2: What? Dude, she slept with half the football team, she's got nothing to save, she's a prudeslut!
by Watermelondrequisha February 27, 2010
6 4
A girl who is shy around the opposite sex when sober and is a horny drunk
Molly is such a prudeslut always shy with Joe unless shes drunk.
by Birthdayluva September 20, 2013
1 4
while sounding like an oxymoron, this word describes a girl or boy who gets with a lot of guys but does not go far with any of them.
"That girl just made out with 35 guys!"
"I know right? What a prude slut!"
by Mbrigati December 30, 2011
5 14