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Someone so scared of their own sexuality, or of being considered a pervert for common sexual activities, that people are prompted to consider them to have no sexual orientation.

Any person who is interested romantically in members of the opposite/same sex, but feels that sex or sexual activities,including dating, are a waste of time and money.
Sex can wait, masturbate!
by Montezuma999 June 20, 2003
Someone who feels guilty when they act sexuallty and has areally hard time getting over a feeling of guilt
My boyfriend is married but seperated and cant seem to get over the fact that it is over because of the 7th comandment
by SENATE October 29, 2004
a guy or girl who isn't gay but doesn't like to do sexual things or even really hug people of the opposite sex
"I heard Jessica never kissed a guy and she just turned 17."
"Yeah I know she's mad prude."
by amaran January 20, 2004
a guys worst nightmare, when a girl or guy doesn't want to kiss or screw etc.. because they are scared.
My Ex girlfriend is soooo prude and she wants to go out with me again.
by FhillyMan June 11, 2003
Scared of guys, but not a lesbian.
Ashley didn't want to scrump with me because she's such a prude.
by Ashley November 06, 2002
someone who wont hook up with the opposite sex in public.
Rob: Sally,come on, just hook up with me, dont be such a prude.
Sally: I HATE YOU!
by joiiey October 14, 2005
girl or guy who wont do anything sexually or PDA related
allie hawes is a prude bitch
by blank March 09, 2005