a person who has a problem with any kind of under garment that is not white or is sold at victoria secrets, and does not like anthing that might be considered risque in anything that involves dancing, clothing, or speech.
I can't go into victoria secrets becauswe I am a prude
by Emmy March 15, 2003
a girl who hasnt french-kissed yet
"Jeez, are you STILL a prude??"
by wtf September 24, 2004
A bitch who won't suck your cock.
"My ex girlfriend was a prude, I couldn't even cock smack the bitch!"
by Faubel January 12, 2006
someone who is afrid to ask a boy to prom, and does not know what rude means
Maya wont ask jessie to Jr. prom so that makes her a tottal PRUDE

i called maya a prude because she would not invite jessie to prom and when she said she didnot know what a prude was i was like OH SNAP call up UD.COM
by marriellll March 02, 2006
one who doesn't like the taste of their own cum
He's such a prude - he won't even drink his own love-juice
by Kruse June 08, 2004

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