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to not have hooked up with someone before. Depruded means to have hooked up w/ some1
"dude ur not prude anymore, was it good?"
by ur mom June 09, 2004
someone who doesnt put out once the circimstances are right.
my girlfriend wont give me head, damn prude!
by jamie February 25, 2004
The graduating class of 2009
The only pussy I see if a cat, because I'm prude.
by J-FizzLe April 02, 2005
someone who hasnt made out yet
A: are you prude?
B: huh
A: have you kissed anyone before?
B: no....
by Whittney June 11, 2005
a girl who hasnt french-kissed yet
"Jeez, are you STILL a prude??"
by wtf September 24, 2004
a person who has a problem with any kind of under garment that is not white or is sold at victoria secrets, and does not like anthing that might be considered risque in anything that involves dancing, clothing, or speech.
I can't go into victoria secrets becauswe I am a prude
by Emmy March 15, 2003
A bitch who won't suck your cock.
"My ex girlfriend was a prude, I couldn't even cock smack the bitch!"
by Faubel January 12, 2006