Someone who is affraid to do anything haveing to do with sex or the fear of haveing sex or of a penis of vagina
"Dude shes so prude she wont even fuck me weve been goingout for almost a year! I think ima dump her if she wont do ANYTHING with me!!!...
by Niky November 10, 2007
What a guy calls a girl to get something out of her.
Guy:Because you wont sleep with me you're a prude.
by lauren March 10, 2005
Prude: a guy or girl (mostly a girl) who is to self-concisiouse about what other people think of him/her. Often times if a person is a "prude" they will'nt do anything sexual or intimate on a date.
Dude 1: Dude that chic is hot haven't you dated her dude 2?

Dude 2: "yeah but she was a total prude an cancled our first date"
by jlax04 January 21, 2005
Someone who is afraid to even talk about anything sexual, let alone try it..
I know this girl who is such a prude, she won't even say the word 'sixty nine'!!!
by elnizzle December 17, 2003
A person usually female who is against anything sexual, any sexual activity and pretty much against anything having to do with sex. Mainly, they are girls who could never get a guy even if she wanted to. They also tend to take things very seriously and tend to over react whenever they find a new piece of scsndelous information. Usually they will call the girl its about a slut or a whore. They usually go on to whisper about you every time they see you in their little pride groups. But the funny thing is that almost all of them dress like sluts. Almost all prudes, well the ones I know are totally spoiled and most of the time, super japs. There are a hell of alot of them in the wealthy parts of Westchester.
Prude 1: omg! she hugged him! omg they aren't even going out!
Prude 2: omg! what a whore! she is gunna get pregnant and like DIE!
by Fuzzy muffin kid May 26, 2008
someone that has respect for there body's or lyk dont act lyk whore's
she wont have sex cam,wut a prude
by angel_fire October 02, 2005
Basically, no sex before marriage.
save that virginity, boys and girls ;-)
by screw u bitch May 04, 2005
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