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Prude: a guy or girl (mostly a girl) who is to self-concisiouse about what other people think of him/her. Often times if a person is a "prude" they will'nt do anything sexual or intimate on a date.
Dude 1: Dude that chic is hot haven't you dated her dude 2?

Dude 2: "yeah but she was a total prude an cancled our first date"
by jlax04 January 21, 2005
Someone who is afraid to even talk about anything sexual, let alone try it..
I know this girl who is such a prude, she won't even say the word 'sixty nine'!!!
by elnizzle December 17, 2003
someone that has respect for there body's or lyk dont act lyk whore's
she wont have sex cam,wut a prude
by angel_fire October 02, 2005
Wont do anything such as kissing or further
He wont do anything, goddamn hes prude!
by kissable May 15, 2005
Basically, no sex before marriage.
save that virginity, boys and girls ;-)
by screw u bitch May 04, 2005
A person who's Superego overwhelms their Id.
Lisa's morals overcome her sexual impulses
by The Psychoanalyst October 12, 2004
someone who is shy around the opposite sex or is afraid of talking about the opposite sex
wesley is so prude he doesnt like to talk about anything sexual
by alex July 29, 2003