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When your trying to have a conversation with someone and then suddenly see something really very SHINEY! and u stop stair gasp loudly and then yell OoOoOo SHINEY!!!!!

Note: Word shiney can also be comprimised with anything bright blinky glittery or distracting!..
..Walking threw mall..

PERSON1: What do u wanna do now?
PERSON2: idk lol didnt they say that they would meet us up..-GASP-..Oo0oOo0oOo SHINEY!!-runnes over to shiney thing and stairs
PERSON2: OoOoOo look shiney its shiney!! (O)_(O)
PERSON1: lol..yes..shiney..So anyways what were u saying they said there gunna meet us?
PERSON2: ..What?..*CompleatlyCluless* O.o
PERSON1: ...?.your A.D.H.O.S.D
by Niky November 10, 2007
Someone who is affraid to do anything haveing to do with sex or the fear of haveing sex or of a penis of vagina
"Dude shes so prude she wont even fuck me weve been goingout for almost a year! I think ima dump her if she wont do ANYTHING with me!!!...
by Niky November 10, 2007

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