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An anti-depressent used to treat anxiety/depression and the like.
"Don't forget to take your zoloft!"
by Ashley April 26, 2004
one drug in the ssri (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) family of antidepressents. others include paxil, effexor, prozac, luvox, etc.

ssri's have *supposedly* been linked to suicides in teens. but i'm still alive and not feeling remotely depressed. though i think that therapy is working better than zoloft.

any side effects are usually gastrointestinal (i.e., throwing up, hershey squirts, etc.). but that is rare.

the emblem of zoloft is a little emotional hard-boiled egg that hops around chasing butterflies when he's happy. my friends insist he's just a ball, but i ask you, have you ever seen an oval ball?
the lil zoloft egg was depressed before he took zoloft, but now he likes chasing butterflies.
by unusu-al August 31, 2004
Sertraline hydrochloride; used to treat depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, ect, by stablizing a person's levels of serotonin. Most people gain weight when they have been on this drug.
Zoloft can help many people out of a rut.
by Pink Jesus March 11, 2006
An SSRI , Antidepressant used to treat depression and or anxiety. Takes awhile to start kicking in if you have a panic disorder don't expect not to have a panic attack right away but if you wait about 2 or 3 weeks they will go away . you will still experiance some anxiety but after about 4-6 weeks when the levels are consistent in your brain you will feel very well. Although SSRIs are known to dull you out making u feel little of any emotion. IF you start feeling dull talk to your doctor about evening out your dose so you still get rid of the anxiety components but some of the dullness goes away. The dullness is caused because it gets rid of anxiety and chills you out.
I've been on zoloft for about 4 months and am feeling great. Although I have wierd elated happiness to depression mood swings but i think that is a result of being a teenager. I recommend this medication to people with anxiety. And if you smoke , drink, or anything else quit that and get a good night sleep once in awhile. But zoloft is what i think saved my life. Because i was hopeless at one point that i would never get out of my deep state of worrying.
by Wordupmyhomies July 19, 2010
A drug I take to keep me from going into a violent rage of verbal and physical abuse. Works pretty well because I haven't gotten into anything major recently. But know if I forget to take this shit you better watch out because if you push me a little you are going to going to wish to god you didn't.
I forgot to take my zoloft today and I yelled at the teacher and got into a fight with three other kids.

I took my zoloft and I feel fine.

I didn't take my zoloft today and someone made fun of me and punched them in the face.
by crazyboy281 February 27, 2010
A commonly prescribed anti-depressant medication that has the unfortunate side effect of turning users into zombies. If you take Zoloft and have noticed any of the following symptoms DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and contact your doctor:

An obsession with brains, a lack of brain function, a lack of emotions, an increased desire to eat unusual foods, a bizarre urge to rip open people's skulls and consume their brains, a sudden change in appearance where you begin to look hideous and monster-like, or any other symptom you find unpleasant.

These could be signs the Zoloft is turning you into a zombie. Discontinuing taking the medication usually reverses this side effect, provided your psychiatrist can advise you to stop taking the drug before you de-brain him.
Ever since I started taking Zoloft I have found human brains to be positively delicious!
by Rellik Uzi September 10, 2010
a shitty exvuse for an anti-depressent that makes you fat.
look at the beach whale over there, she must have fucking snorted her whole damn bottle of ZOLOFT.
by Zoloft Hater? May 07, 2005
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