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A prude is a person who ( or maybe just me ) hates the word sex and anything pertaining to it and any time she/he sees anyone attractive never talks to them or even gives them a hint. Then after stalking them for 2 years. They realize they have a girlfriend and become seriously screwed up in the head. squeeze their pillow really hard at night. Tries to figure out why nobody likes her because they think she's imature because she hasn't screwed or smoked or gotten laid. Feels like if this one dude doesn't like her than she is defective or something. Takes zoloft for her depression and bulimia. Is a habitual liar for most of life because she wishes she was special. But if she told the truth she would never utter a single word. People mistake her as a prude but she doesn't want to cause her self anymore pain then what she already has. THE END
Girls best friend since 4th grade that has turned into a bitch: "Just ignore her everyone she will grow up soon."
Girl who hurts so badly all the time: " I was just talking about the funny thing that happened the other day?"
Girls best friend since 4th grade that has turned into a bitch: God STFU! When are tou going to grow up and fuck someone already! Prude!
Girl who hurts badly all the time cries her self to sleep.
by SullenGirl February 13, 2010
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