when used in connection with calling a person a prop, prop means the person in question is fake, false, slow-witted, dim or a flake, insinuating that they are not a real person, just like a prop gun isn't a real gun, for example.
Jake: Man, Phil is such a dimwit sometimes.
Ron: No shit. That guy's a prop.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
Proper Respcet to some one after accomplishing somthing that deserves it, usually shown with one fist the giver hitting fist of the one who deserves it
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
Physical objects, used when acting. Not used in mime or pantomime.
"Lets use my dads gun as a prop in the school play. I bet it's unloaded!"
by Brainstrain January 19, 2004
another word for blowjob
Oh, I'll give you mad props if you become a doctor one day.
by Frankalicious August 21, 2007
1)Proper Recognition- respect from your fellow peers; Popularity.

2) Respect from a police constable or other law-abiding citizen.
I had ta pop a cop in the ass 'cos he wouldnt giv me mah props in Oaktown, y'all.
by Ranga McFip October 13, 2004
Variables that are set on a MUCK charcter that identify all of its properties. Short for Properties.
I had to set a verification prop on myself to get into the Foo bar.
by Majik Fox October 28, 2004
props, as in proping something up in support, raising up, lifting, putting someone on a pedestal
"props my friend"
"give props to my ladies who ain't down with the clap"
by puffy pussy October 04, 2006

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