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a group of penguins
an offense manouver in Rugby
a certain set of computer software tools
penguins in scrums are fun to watch

the team's scrum helped them score

i used SCRUM to do some computer stuff
by Wallis and Futuna Islands December 21, 2004
The act of jacking it while doing a shit. It is said to be the ultimate body relief.
Michael: Luke you look so relaxed.
Luke: yeah i just had a scrum
#footy #masturbation #toss #best thimg in the world #jacking it
by brewskies October 12, 2009
n. Central activity in Rugby football. Sixteen overweight men or women push into each other while holding one anothers shirt tails. Face-kicking, ear-biting and scrotum-butting are allowed, but, oddly, foot-lifting is severely punished. A call of "not in straight" results in a penalty kick instead of knowing sniggers while a call of "push over try" results in jubilation and moist scrum down.
Scrum! White! There's your mark! Crouch! Touch! Pause! Engage!

Is that referee high on something? The match hasn't started!
#line out #scrotum sling #inside-centre #hack #set play #rugby
by gnostic1 June 28, 2012
A derogatory name that combines a scrub and a bum, or scrot and scum, or any combination there in; orginitied in a SF Safeway.
The negro woman angrily replied, "Naw nigga, I aint no SCRUM, nigga," into her cel phone at the crowded Safeway.
#scrub #bum #scrot #scum #nigga
by CARL MONEY April 29, 2006
the kind of person who follows you around and really pisses you off, but you use them for resources so you never confront them.
"This scrum is pissing me off, but i need him to get me beer"
#annoying #funny #cool #lame #clingy
by Dyldo September 07, 2012
When a person hasn't wiped off semen and it has become dried and crusty on their skin. Usually on a tramp stamp. It is a signature of a dirty, dirty skank.
"Hey that girl looks hot"
"Meh, she's probably covered in scrum"
#semen #cum #skank #dirty #jizz
by taylorbot August 31, 2008
getting cum in your scruff
dude gross, you got scrummed
#wafers #black velvet #gingerbread frosting #canopy forest #jack black
by Tjiggle January 28, 2011
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