Proprietary rights. Giving someone the right to call an act their own. Acknowledging their mastery.
"Props to you for that comeback"
by Nex1038 August 17, 2005
The nerdy version of 'giving' one respect for certain actions.

(The classic way is to not even mention this shitty term and just do the action)
Poseur #1 says: Yo dawg! That <action> was off tha hook! Props man!
by Fangster April 16, 2005
Used for supports to Boobs to prop them up.Specially when they are loose and hanging down.
Hey she ain't got good tits.. Just Props
by ezrider March 07, 2005
Property rights, as in respect to extreme of offering one's property rights to another in recognition for their achievement
I give you all my property (or "props") for that, man. (Or woman, if the circumstances permit)
by The Bicep Trio (sideproject) June 08, 2005
A dry ejaculation of seminal fluid or a lack thereof.
Don't prop on my hoes chest. Prop on her cock.
by HunnyBear February 27, 2003
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