Termonology widely used by the skateboarding community. Means "Proper Respect"
One may perform seemingly dangerous or pointless tasks in order to gain ones Props or recieve it for doing something of great significance
1. Hey man reckon I should drink this gallon of monkey jizz "just for Props"
2. Mad Props for making that blader fall on his face
by mrpain July 23, 2008
“props”is short for Proper recognition, it is like a handshake but is done when closed fists briefly touch.
hey whats up "props"-the action is performed
by P-ERA March 23, 2008
The exhibition of respect or recognition owed to someone for having performed a certain deed or task worthy of such praise. This is normally exhibited by the giver of the props'raising his fist to knock it gently against the fist of that whom is receiving the 'props'. For extraordinary deeds offering even more than usual praise, "mad props" can be used
"Yo, props for bringing the Air Mattress to the pool, I would've never thought of that."

"You managed to score us some hockey tickets! Props!"

"Yo! Mad Props homee for them rhymes you just spit! They was mad ill dawg!!
"Nice goal. Props."
by Street Shakespeare January 18, 2007
Proper and deserved recognition and/or respect.
I gotta give you big props for winning a fight against that yid.
by GuidoPosse69 March 03, 2005
what you give someone when they do something amazing. one of the most over-used phrases of fake-gangsters.
fake-gangster:Ya man I gotta give ya props for that
me:is it that hard to say "good job"?
by Jared Jerzak June 05, 2007
"Proper respect", see example.
Got to give that bitch props for her slutty fucking website with her tits hanging out!
by ShinChan February 25, 2011
to give acknowledgement to someone's abilities and/or talent
I have to give your props for what you have accomplished.
by Gerard Irick March 14, 2011

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