It is short for propaganda. As if to say you'll give someone major advertisement because they're just that good.
Wow man, major props to you, you rock that man cologne. I'm going to tell the world for you.
by kylexy123456789 June 22, 2014
to give acknowledgement to someone's abilities and/or talent
I have to give your props for what you have accomplished.
by Gerard Irick March 14, 2011
Props stands for People Respect Other People Seriously and is mostly used by Hiphop Artists and Fans
Props for the show.
by tek2002 February 05, 2010
To be given respect.
"ye man, Props!"
You get my respect!
by RoR-UK October 09, 2005
A dwelling, home,or residence.
Yo, lets chill at my prop tonight.
Dude, party at johns prop.
by ssaint May 01, 2009
Short for Propaganda, a nightclub/bar in the Wudaokou district of Beijing, China. Known for being frequented by raunchy, hormone-driven college students. Also frequented by Dartmouth College FSP students.
"I got one question, who's going to Props tonite?"
by HanFeiYi October 21, 2007
Respect or recognition.
Usually represented by a nudging of the knuckles.
I gotta give you props for that good mark
by yana February 25, 2005

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