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Property, stuff, somebody's belongings
Cypress Hill, insane in the brain(1993):
soon, I got ta get my props,Cops,
Come and try to snatch my crops
by Jeppe May 16, 2008
9 9
to give acknowledgement to someone's abilities and/or talent
I have to give your props for what you have accomplished.
by Gerard Irick March 14, 2011
1 2
Props stands for People Respect Other People Seriously and is mostly used by Hiphop Artists and Fans
Props for the show.
by tek2002 February 05, 2010
0 4
To be given respect.
"ye man, Props!"
You get my respect!
by RoR-UK October 09, 2005
28 34
A dwelling, home,or residence.
Yo, lets chill at my prop tonight.
Dude, party at johns prop.
by ssaint May 01, 2009
13 21
Short for Propaganda, a nightclub/bar in the Wudaokou district of Beijing, China. Known for being frequented by raunchy, hormone-driven college students. Also frequented by Dartmouth College FSP students.
"I got one question, who's going to Props tonite?"
by HanFeiYi October 21, 2007
6 17
Respect or recognition.
Usually represented by a nudging of the knuckles.
I gotta give you props for that good mark
by yana February 25, 2005
27 40