A person who believes they are owed something in return for nothing.
Mikey was thinking like a proggie when he expected tax payers to supply him with his livelihood.
by SendIt October 08, 2011
Top Definition
A slang term for program. This term was popularized in the 1990s on AOL when kids would create third party programs designed to exploit AOL software. Underground sites would entail the swapping of "proggies" and "punters" like Fate, Havoc, Blue Cross, and MiB. These were designed to paste text macros to disrupt chat rooms, crash other people's computers (and sometimes your own), and cause all other kinds of mischief.
1998: OMG I finally downloaded the proggie Magenta. This is so awesome. I'm going to go act like a cock-sucker in some AOL lobbies until a guide bans my phished account.
by CyK February 18, 2012
another term for a program
Windoze XP is a proggie.
by Sdogg Sohkad September 07, 2006
A pejorative term for political progressives, typically deployed by political tribalists who would prefer not to engage in substantive discussion.
Progressive: "I think a Tobin tax would raise significant revenues while also having the salutary effect of dis-incentivizing rampant unproductive financial speculation."

Political Tribalist: "F- You you proggie....always want something for NOTHING....why don't you get a life proggie??....sitting in your mom's basement.....HA!"

Anarchist: "You know, I think the progressives are wrong, dude, but why are you being such a douchebag?"

Conservative: "Yeah, I don't really think you're adding much to the discussion, Tribalist."

Political Tribalist: "Whatever, you proggie idiots...Why don't you go whining to your proggie mamas?...I WIN!"

Everybody: "Sigh, ok, whatever dude."
by Slartibartfatsdomino October 10, 2011
A Progressive. (See Progressive 1,3.4.5 )

An affectionate nickname for one's Progressive friends, or for progressive attributes such as integrity, reasonability, and kindness.
"If Paul says he doesn't know what happened, he doesn't. He's a proggie --you can trust him."

To a younger sibling: "Sounds like your so-called friends have been using you. See if you can get some proggies in your life --they're not out to get over on everyone."
To a frantic victim of RWNJ media, promoting the benefits of letting people die for lack of health-care: "Sorry, but you've happened upon a proggie stronghold here. We live in --and care about --this world, not some RWNJ fantasy-land."
by Chryseis December 02, 2012
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