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A pejorative term for political progressives, typically deployed by political tribalists who would prefer not to engage in substantive discussion.
Progressive: "I think a Tobin tax would raise significant revenues while also having the salutary effect of dis-incentivizing rampant unproductive financial speculation."

Political Tribalist: "F- You you proggie....always want something for NOTHING....why don't you get a life proggie??....sitting in your mom's basement.....HA!"

Anarchist: "You know, I think the progressives are wrong, dude, but why are you being such a douchebag?"

Conservative: "Yeah, I don't really think you're adding much to the discussion, Tribalist."

Political Tribalist: "Whatever, you proggie idiots...Why don't you go whining to your proggie mamas?...I WIN!"

Everybody: "Sigh, ok, whatever dude."
by Slartibartfatsdomino October 10, 2011

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