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2 definitions by QueenJannine

Packed with progressive elements, esp. regarding the genre adjective which applies to music - i.e. progressive rock, progressive metal, progressive folk, etc. "Progressive" generally connotes virtuosic instrumentation, incorporation of exotic sounds/instruments, use of uncommon time signatures, unusual/abstract lyrical subject matter, etc.
I'm sort of OK with Coheed and Cambria, I guess, but they are not nearly as proggy as Dream Theater or The Mars Volta. They sound like a less-proggy version of Rush, except Rush didn't have an emo influence.
by QueenJannine July 21, 2010
A Mexican-sized penis. Smaller than normal. Somewhere between a white penis and an Asian penis.
I have a cholo penis; studies have proven repeatedly that my penis is slightly smaller than average. This is because penis size corresponds fairly reliably with height.
by QueenJannine November 25, 2008