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In Amateur radio, the foundation license is the entry level license. A licensee gets a M3 Callsign. The foundation exam is very easy to pass, so there are many newcomers to the hobby that are a bit dim. A new colloquial term is therefore needed to describe a frequency that has many new licensees on it, aka the blind leading the blind.
So the term "foggy" seems to fit the bill, as the more M3's on a frequency, the denser it gets.
Two M3's on a VHF repeater talking about a crystal oscillator, and one says that a crystal is a living organism, as it has a heart beat at the frequency stamped on the tin. Another M3 joins in and thanks them for the explanation as to how he got detected by the TV license detector van, as his TV was switched off, so it must be true about the heart beat. The repeater was foggy.
by G1 January 19, 2007
when you smoke bad weed and you only get a little high off of it, you get foggy. since fog is a low cloud, it shows that you got a little high, but hardly.
person 1: man did you get high off this weed?
person 2: nah, man, i just got a little foggy.
by livinthehighlife May 19, 2010
suspicious, sketchy, sneaky or corrupt.
"he was acting mad foggy"
by trapjesus March 14, 2010
Kinda the same as Bagsy and shotgun- used in northern England mainly I believe. Some people claim its froggy but they're WRONG.
you would say
'foggy not me!' if you did not want to be picked for a crap task, or if you didn't want to be 'it' in a game.
by Katinky May 04, 2007
A word meaning something is fucked up or sucks.
(After seeing a man getting kicked in the balls while on fire and getting attacked by hihenas)
Wyatt:Shit man, thats foggy.
by Ryan October 13, 2004
Father of a Doggy
If you are male and have a dog...you are a Foggy!
by BD2011 November 02, 2011
Used to describe a situation that is made unclear by hearing different stories from different people.
Guy 1: What happened with Mike and Kate last nite?
Guy 2: I dont know dude, after talking to Matt Jenny and George about it, it got really foggy.
by Matteo Nicholas October 11, 2009