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To distribute persons systematically or strategically to a remote part of the planet with limited resources leaving them to their own resourcefulness, skill, strength and intestinal fortitude to return to their native habitat in one piece.
Your buddy woke up in Tunisia with a pair of ripped levi jeans, one air jordan and one pump sneaker both different sizes, a pencil, 4 grapes a fur coat and a rubberband with only 16 dollars and 81 cents in his pocket.

Sounds like somebody deployed him.

Yeah man, yeah, he probably screwed someone real bad to deserve that.

Hope he could remember his credit card number.
by nick June 07, 2005
a word that makes you cry when you find out that it will happen to your husband
He was deployed yesterday... I pray and hope that he will be okay.
by thebandperry June 26, 2011
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