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Someone who puts off doing work and masturbates instead. procrastinator + masturbator.
Will didn't even do his project lasnight he stayed up all night jerking it, he's such a procrasturbator.
by Partyup4269 June 01, 2009
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A person who puts off pleasuring themselves.
She had a vampire movie to watch, and lots of scented candles; however, her inner procrasturbator told her to wait until supper was over.
by Stirling Argus May 23, 2013
One who continuously puts off the act of masturbating.
origin: The combination of 2 words- Mastubator and Procrastinator.
Greg was such a procrasturbator, he thought about jacking off but played XboX instead. This was a daily occurence.
by COMA SUTRA October 19, 2007

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