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To procrastinate, with masturbation, often to avoid schoolwork.

Active: procrastinbation/procrastibating
Noun: procrastibator
Past tense: procrastibated
Post tense: procrastibate
Jake: Hey, english app is due on monday, have you finished?
Gus: Nah, I think i'll probably just procrastibate all weekend and do it during mondays lesson.
by catface101 September 27, 2010
13 3
To masturbate out of boredom or to avoid work.
I spent the evening procrastibating instead of doing my physics homework.
by Dude in a Shoe November 08, 2003
315 67
to procrastinate aka waste time by masturbating
when johnny got home, he would procrastibate and do his hw later that night
by carlord0 October 13, 2009
59 18
1) Procrastinating masturbation, only long enough to talk to your mother/girlfriend on the phone when she asks "What are you doing?" and you say "Nothing..." in case they have a hidden camera setup after the last time you told them that.

2) Masturbating instead of doing your english homework and then texting your teacher for an "extension".
No, I procrastibated! ;)
by raichupal November 18, 2010
50 13
To put off something to go masturbate.
"Go do your chores!"
"Nah, I'd rather go procrastibate"
by Recalibar October 23, 2008
47 11
Masturbating instead of doing homework or something you are supposed to be doing.
Instead of going to Lacrosse practice, Bill went to his room to procrastibate.
by Barrakuda4 February 17, 2010
29 9
wasting time playing wit yourself
I procrastibate until that paper is due that's why i fail.
by ihpo March 22, 2010
13 5