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Probie is a term used by firefighters to identify a probationary firefighter, or rookie.
its a noun
by Chewyfood January 14, 2004
A new worker, or a newbie.
in NCIS, Tony always calls McGee a probie because Tony is a senior field agent and McGee is a junior field agent.
by beatlefan156 July 29, 2009
A newbie at his job. No matter how long he works at his job, or how good he is at the job, the senior worker will always call him a probie. The newbie always follows the senior workers orders.
Probie; go take the chairs down to the beach! Bring some umbrella's too.
by ---Grizz April 26, 2009
-Noun informal Proh-bee

Somebody on their probationary period.
Probationer, Probinator, Probus Maximus

(Origin - 2007 Reef Casino)
Best used in moments of stupidy
(e.g 'your such a probie Tristan')
(e.g 'Ohh Probe it up a notch')
(e.g 'you are the probiest prober this once probie ever did see')
by Nickwhite777 January 06, 2008
nickname of former hockey tough guy Bob Probert (see)
Probie got two for elbowing, five for fighting, and a game misconduct
by Woody Thomas January 07, 2006
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