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Probie is a term used by firefighters to identify a probationary firefighter, or rookie.
its a noun
by Chewyfood January 14, 2004
The term "smoke eater" is commonly used to refer to a firefighter.
Firefighters are smoke eaters.
by Chewyfood January 14, 2004
The flame retardant chemicals dropped from aircraft are commonly known by wildland firefighters as "Sky Jello" or "Mud".
its a noun
by Chewyfood January 14, 2004
Pronunciation of "Knickerbocker", dropping the "er" sound for the "ah" sound of street slang.

The term "Knickerbocker" refers to a New Yorker. The origin of this term is from the NBA's New York Knicks francise. The team was originally called the New York Knickerbockers, which was later shortened to "New York Knicks".
Jerome: Man I can't stand the Knicks yo...
Alan: Knickabocka please!
-Source Alan & Jerome FOXSports Commercial
by Chewyfood April 05, 2006
Firefighters, paramedics, and ER staff who enthusiastically love their professions and enjoy the excitement of caring for the injured and saving their lives are known as Trauma Junkies. Virtually everyone in EMS could be considered a trauma junky to a certain extent.
Bob is a trauma junky.
by Chewyfood January 14, 2004
Watch the movie:
Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

The first 15 minutes of the movie, when Ashtray walks out on his patio in front of his dad's house a homeless man walks up to him and says:
"Hey man, you got any spare change man?"
Ashtray reponds with a no
"I got these cheeseburgers man" (holding a bag in his left hand that looks like it has cheeseburgers in it)
Ashtray says no again
"Man I'll suck your dick man!"
Ashtray says "no...get outta here".
by chewyfood October 06, 2003
Individuals who repeatedly call 911 for minor issues are known as frequent flyers.
its a noun.
by Chewyfood January 14, 2004

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