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1. n00bs.
2. Annoying retarded monkeys.
3. People who think "new school" music is the best. See poser.
4. People on online games that attack you and kill you while you are trying to do something important tht doesn't involve them.
5. AIs in certain games that you can't see that attack you from behind or other areas while you are low on life.
6. People on Urban Dictionary that post shortened versions of great defintions where they copy everything the person before them said.
1. "That prick on Runescape keeps asking to trade."-The Omega Master
2. "w00t i is da 1337est"-Prick
"Go away you prick."-The Omega Master
3. "Did you hear the latest Linkin Park?"-Prick
"Did you know you were a cock-sucking prick?"-The Omega Master
4. "Did that prick in the wildy kill you again?"-ASP
"*nods**sniff*"-The Omega Master
5. "Playing MGS3?"-Mike
"Yup"-The Omega Master
"Oh! Go kill that guy!"-Mike
"You see, I could if I could find the fucking prick!"-The Omega Master
6. "How many pricks posted brb!?"-ASP
by -The Omega Master February 26, 2005
An unpleasant, negative, angery person who's always getting in your hair imposing on you and making life suck.
My parents are pricks coz they always impose their will on me and they even think they're entitled to tell me what I am allowed to like.
by Neb July 27, 2004
An extreme version of a person showing all the characteristics of a prick.
"man your such a p-rick"
by D.May January 12, 2004
A very mean and unfair person!
My boss is a prick! Insurance companies that like to shit on my best friend are a bunch of pricks!!!
by Pink Floyd Fanatic October 08, 2002
Noun- A totally worthless fuckface, generally a guy. The kind of fucker who steals girlfriends, mooches people, and is just a pain in the dick hole to be around. You would just love to tie them to the front of a car and slam them into a wall over and over again.
I'm going to kill that stupid prick for stealing my girl.
by ILicklottapus125 July 16, 2009
The "bad" word for jerk. Taking it one step higher.

A jerk is an asshole and a prick is a total asshole
"You fucking prick"
"You little prick"
by vLiNi November 28, 2007
a selfish snob jerkoff bitch cunt. someone that you hate.
Sasha you're a stupid prick.
by briissoamazing June 12, 2007