- A word that can describe a penis
- An ungrateful piece of shit of a person
"that guy had the ugliest prick on that porn we just rented. It looked like it had a dog leg left.."

"what a prick....he just ate my bagle bite"
by Clive_ August 30, 2005
A prick is a selfish person who only cares about himself. He thinks it's okay to screw over his friends and will take advantage of you if given the chance.
That prick, I wrote up that report then he typed it up, put his name on it, and turned it in to the boss as his own work.
by Edword July 30, 2006
a person who cares about themselves, and ONLY about themselves. a person who loves to play people, and doesn't feel even the tiniest bit bad about it when they break hearts. very manipulative. someone who just wants to get some, and will date multiple people at once. someone who will try to take someone's virginity by telling them they mean the world to them and that they like them so much, then plans to leave them after the deed is done. a worthless, lying, two faced, cheating sack of shit you don't even want to look at cause it makes you sick to your stomach.
a true prick: asher (the drug addict "mac") pshh.
by !!!(: September 22, 2009
1. The penis.
2. A contemptible person. See asshole
That prick just cut me off!
by johnsmith July 09, 2003
an asshole, jerk and all around unpleasent individual
That chef Ali is such a prick, he just spit in my food
by erich1 June 30, 2008
1. a penis
2. complete asshole
3. a small cut
It's OK to prick your finger, just don't finger your prick.
by Kelli_H September 11, 2008
your ex-boyfriend who is so selfish and self-centered he doesn't care who he hurts nor does he possess the mental capacity to realize when he is being an insenstive bastard
what a prick. he's not worth his weight in dog do-do. he should go to hell.
by vetfik February 11, 2008

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