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a nice person,pretty cute,cool,fun to be with, very funny
therese is so nice, she pretty cool
by tfku June 13, 2008
A hot girl that all boys want to marry and more.
That girl is such a Therese!
by Johnay June 10, 2005
best chick alive.

super attractive and just plain haawwt ! An angel sent from heaven and when God made her he was showing off.
Funny and cute, she knows how to have a good time. Trustworthy and laid back- tell her anything and she'll keep it quiet. :)
she was so sweet, such a therese
by misstaylah January 20, 2010
A very small, wonderful and beautiful girl who is irresistable to all guys. She has got deep brown eyes and when she looks at you the only thing you can think about is that you want her to be yours. She is sexy like DAMN and her body's curvy. A woman with a beauty you've never experienced before. She's also smart and intellectual and will make your life complete.
His friend: Your dreaming of Therese?! ... Give up dude.
by Alaskafivefour September 01, 2011
Slang term for Glans Penis (or Bellend). Originated in the west of Ireland after a myth about a girl who was born with only the tip of a penis for genitals.
Thérèse Langan
by wouldnttouchherwitha10ftpole December 05, 2010
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