an obnoxious nasty person.
Jeff is such a prick, i hope he chokes on his own vomit!
#asshole #jerk #scumbag #dick #cockface
by Blondie1972 April 29, 2008
a two way word.
1: a penis
2: to poke with a sharp object i.e. a needle,thorn,fishhook
"its ok if it happens to your finger. yes,you can prick your finger! but don't finger your prick!! no! no! uh-uh!" -George Carlin
#shit #piss #fuck #cunt #cocksucker #motherfucker #tits
by xo2ace January 29, 2007
a cocky asshole who gets on your last nerve. Is always in your/someone elses business. Usually a jock or popular guy.
A bully in high school or the star quarterback. Can also be the idiot who sits next to you in class. A true prick
#cocky #idiot #dumbass #retard #dickhead
by Hash Slinging Slasher January 06, 2010
people (usually refered to a guy) who need to get a life and are just nasty arseholes
2 friends (girls) are talking to eachother ;
girl 1: 'my ex-boyfriend dumped me!! for someone else!! *boohoo*'
girl 2: 'dont worry about him, hes such a PRICK for doing that to you!!'
#pricks #pick #arsehole #prik #ppirk
by Affykins June 16, 2007
Noun- A totally worthless fuckface, generally a guy. The kind of fucker who steals girlfriends, mooches people, and is just a pain in the dick hole to be around. You would just love to tie them to the front of a car and slam them into a wall over and over again.
I'm going to kill that stupid prick for stealing my girl.
#fucker #fuck face #cunt hole #prik #asshole.
by ILicklottapus125 July 16, 2009
Someone highly prick-ish, and ass-bandit, a fuckfaced fart-eating fart machine snowmuncher buttnugget poojabber asslicker of a cuntstain.

Also see; Lauryn
"oh that Lauryn, i hear shes a prick"
"yeah she's the biggest prick in pricksville, the prickiest of all pricks, pricky mcprick prick the prick"

"hate to be a prick"

"YOU FUCKIN PRICK" - The Breakfast Club
#prick #frot #asshole #frottage #lauryn #anus #secks #bogan #jerk #ass bandit
by Lucy_Valentine March 30, 2007
An unpleasant, negative, angery person who's always getting in your hair imposing on you and making life suck.
My parents are pricks coz they always impose their will on me and they even think they're entitled to tell me what I am allowed to like.
by Neb July 27, 2004
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