a two way word.
1: a penis
2: to poke with a sharp object i.e. a needle,thorn,fishhook
"its ok if it happens to your finger. yes,you can prick your finger! but don't finger your prick!! no! no! uh-uh!" -George Carlin
by xo2ace January 29, 2007
a cocky asshole who gets on your last nerve. Is always in your/someone elses business. Usually a jock or popular guy.
A bully in high school or the star quarterback. Can also be the idiot who sits next to you in class. A true prick
by Hash Slinging Slasher January 06, 2010
people (usually refered to a guy) who need to get a life and are just nasty arseholes
2 friends (girls) are talking to eachother ;
girl 1: 'my ex-boyfriend dumped me!! for someone else!! *boohoo*'
girl 2: 'dont worry about him, hes such a PRICK for doing that to you!!'
by Affykins June 16, 2007
Noun- A totally worthless fuckface, generally a guy. The kind of fucker who steals girlfriends, mooches people, and is just a pain in the dick hole to be around. You would just love to tie them to the front of a car and slam them into a wall over and over again.
I'm going to kill that stupid prick for stealing my girl.
by ILicklottapus125 July 16, 2009
(pr-ik), n.
1. Someone who is completely worthless. An ankle-biting, washed-up, rat bastard that you'd rather see tied to the back of a car and driven through the fast-lane than anywhere else.
Jonathon Andrew Miller, professional prick.

Nuff said.
by Ry-RyandCheye June 26, 2009
Someone highly prick-ish, and ass-bandit, a fuckfaced fart-eating fart machine snowmuncher buttnugget poojabber asslicker of a cuntstain.

Also see; Lauryn
"oh that Lauryn, i hear shes a prick"
"yeah she's the biggest prick in pricksville, the prickiest of all pricks, pricky mcprick prick the prick"

"hate to be a prick"

"YOU FUCKIN PRICK" - The Breakfast Club
by Lucy_Valentine March 30, 2007
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