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A:A rather hospitable rich person who has gone to prepritory school. they get along with most people and most syles of people.

B:a snotty nosed hollister brat who acts rich wile tryin to scroung up enough cash to buy a new shirt. The think the are better than you unless your a heiress and take fun in making thems appear strong by taking out groups of people who are differnt. Close to chavs but no burbery and audible language.
A:So what if he scates i think hes fun to hang out with even if he didnt go to prep school.
by Brock Beauclair August 19, 2007
Originally used to imply those who are attending prepatory schools, it is now interpreted by the modern generation to denote a certain denomination of the high school population which are resricted to the following fashions.

- Hollister
- Abercrombie and Fitch
- Lulu Lemon
- Uggs
- Leggings

Most preps belong to caucasian suburban families often higher in their social classes. They are often intensely concerned about their social status and do all in their power as to keep with the latest fashions, thus producing the inability to develop any diverse personality. They are often found mingling amoung their ilk at schools and enjoy the local country clubs and ridiculing those whom they deem inferior (those with a personality, those of poorer families and virtually any who do not conform to their social ideals.

Preps oppose emos and ghettos although seem to have some strange mutual understanding for the drug-abusing cliques at high school. It is assumed their lack of hostility is due to the drug clique's supplying the preps' drug habits.
Jimmy was appalled at how increasingly fast the girls at his school began jumping on the uggs fashion band wagon during the winter months, the prep fashion had taken it's grip.

Jimmy: "You can't find any individual girl at school, they all look alike!"

Bobby: "Too many Lulu Lemons headbands"
by jerry seinfiellls February 18, 2009
The items that one has stored in preparation for a disaster of any type
canned food and bottled water are preps
by TomTheTruckdriver February 04, 2009
Preps are people in american society (mainly girls) who wear and act the way the media wants them too. Most hard-core preps are seen listening to mainstream music played on the radio 20 times a day and wearing expensive brands like lilly, polo ralph lauren, vera bradley, lacoste, 7 jeans, Juicy couture, Nike shox, birkenstocks,UGGs,pink cashmere sweaters over polo shirts, Jcrew, and so many more that I can't name. Preps are the total opposite to punks, individuals who listen to indie music and shop at thrift stores.
rich private school girls are preps
by Gretsy April 10, 2005
Unlike most people here have said preps are not just slutty girls in Abercrombie (most preps dont even wear Abercrombie) and boys with popped collars and gelled hair.

A prep is somebody who goes to a prep school. Often wearing pastel colors and polos. They play sports like lacrosse, hockey, and squash. Generally overuse terms such as "chill" "legit" "bro" and "unreal"But does this really make them so terrible? So what if wear a ribbon in my hair? That doesn't mean I think I am so much better than everybody else. A common misconception is that all preps are brainwashed by the media. This is blatantly untrue. Preps don't all listen to the same music, don't tYpE lYk th!s, and don't just hate anyone who is different.

Everybody on this site likes to describe the typical prep stereotype, which is generally only seen in movies. Maybe if you actually took the time to talk to a prep, you would realize this. All you are doing is building false stereotypes
two fake preps-
fake prep girl: like omg lets go to Abercrombie!!!!
fake prep guy: no ima go beat up some freak
fake prep girl: or we could just have sex!!
fake prep guy: okay but we have to invite the hockey team
fake prep girl: sure!!!

two real preps-
prep guy 1: yo, wanna go play some lax after school?
prep guy 2: nah bro, i gotta go find mr. larkson, he's letting me retake the latin test
prep guy 1: nice, he's so chill about that stuff
prep guy 2: i know. its unreal
by hockey126 February 27, 2009
1) Life of A Prep
*Usually from the East Coast and from Old Money
*Attends an East Coats Prep School
*Usually dresses in anything from Ralph Lauren to Chanel. Would not be caught dead in a wal-mart.
*Cares about their appearance and tries to look as nice as possible.
*Cares deeply about their reputation, would never be caught doing something slutty/trashy
*Gets good grades and is planning or already attends an IVY.
*Is occasionally bitchy
*A prep isn't in your face about how much money she has
2) A Prep is NOT
*A cheerleader or jock. A prep may be a cheerlead or jock but just because someone is a cheerleader or jock doesn't mean they're a prep.
*Someone who wears American Eagle, Abercrombie or anything else that can't be bought in Nordstom's, Sak's or Neiman's.
1) Life of a prep
Madeline: So, where are you applying?
Parker: Princeton, Harvard, Brown... all the usual
Madeline: Alison got accepted early descion to Princeton. Did you see the Aston Martin she got as a congratulation gift?
Parker: Yeah, it's pretty nice.

2) A Prep is not
Ashlee: Like, did I show you my new Juicy Couture Bag? It was $350. I bet you wish your dad could spend that kind of money on you.
Jessica: Well atleast I have a nice car! My 1999 VW Bug is so much cooler than your 1996 Honda Civic.
Ashlee: Well... well I've slept with more guys than you have!
Jessica: No you haven't! I am way more slutty than you!
by Kate W November 05, 2005
The clique of kids that the poor or unpopular kids hate. The reason is because they were never accepted by the Preps and they were looked down on and never fit in with them either because of their social class or some awkward personality or characteristic.
sara was never popular or accepted by the preps so now she hates them with a passion.
by flo202 January 27, 2009