Preps aren't what everyone seems to think on this site, they arent the popular whores at every hs who wear reaveling outfits and shop at AF, hollister and those stores, being preppy(the adjective form) isnt about where you buy you clothes and what you wear, its about how you act and your overall lifestyle

they wear Basic Polos usually bright or classic colors, slacks(khakis, plaids, seersuckers), occaisionally jeans, in the summer cargo shorts and shorts similar to the pants they wear, ribbon belts, for shoes we wear birkenstocks, topsiders, penny loafers, and occaisionally classic type sneakers (ie old tennis shoe type sneakers) ou clothes are usually bought from J. Crew, Vinyard Vines, Lacoste, B.Bros, and if we must shop in any of the mall "trendy party prep" type stores we shop at AE which is the most classic and preppy of those (AF, HCO, Aero)

A prep is always courteuos, kind and respectful, they are the kind of people that grandparents and parents look at and say" hes a fine young man"

a preppy lifestle consists of living in a nice community and contrary to popular belief we dont always live in huge houses and you'll never find us living in homes labled as mcmansions, our homes always have archetectural value and are always tastefully and classicly decorated, in our garge you will typically find a car such and a volvo, vw, audi, bmw and occasionnaly another european made car, we participate un lifelong sports such as crew, golf, tennis, sailing, swimming, and sometimes lacrosse
and most importantly WE GO TO PREP SCHOOLS, day or boarding

What most people have to come to realize is that prep is a lifestyle enjoyed by a fortunate few of us it isnt a clothing style, it includes how we live, how we act and what we do
Older Prep 1: Look at that young man holding the door for that woman.
Older Prep 2: A fine young lad indeed, I wish my daughter would find a man like that
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by Jules Fern April 27, 2006
preps are ppl that are usually popular at school and they act all snobby and nasty because they know it and they judge anyone by their looks they will laugh at anyone thats not the same as them and wear tons of makeup and lipgloss. but some preps are nice their is nice preps so u cant just judge them coz their a prep and they usually dont accept u in their clan unless u mock other stereotypes or if u dress up the same as them or have heaps of money and be overly clean
preps: omg like ewwww ferals dont look at me u losers (usually only if theres more then 1 of them)
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by tom. November 16, 2005
A male or female who generally attends a private school or attended a private school as a child. Preps typically come from wealthy families, but are not flamboyant with their money. This term origininated in the Northeastern United States. Preps play tennis, golf, lacrosse and field hockey. Preps often attend country clubs and are well-mannered. Despite popular belief, true preps do NOT wear abercrombie, hollister, and american eagle, they wear Polo, lilly pulizter, lacoste and other such brands.
That prep over there in the lilly dress went to Hotchkiss for tennis and is on her way to Princeton. She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut but she vacations in Nantucket.
by elizabeth March 02, 2005
Someone that comes here to talk about how they don't wear Abercrombie, don't wear Hollister, live on the east coast, go to good colleges, and don't live in big houses (though they are rich?), and basically talk good about themselves because they are self-centered and insecure and stuck up little brats that have no life except to come online and type a million page definition on 'their kind'.
Person 1: Wow, look at this definition that this prep wrote about herself!
Person 2: Wow, she is such an annoying little bitch with no life, huh?
#preppy #preppie #annoying #girl #preppies #preppys
by GLOMPING FANGIRL. March 29, 2009
The popular people in school that think everyone else is jealous of them. They have a 'blond' IQ and no knowledge of anything that matters. They wear fugly clothes that they think everyone else likes. There all clones. There hobbies include flirting with all the other preps they see, spreading false rumors about the people they hate, stealing their parent's credit cards to go to the mall and put their parents in debt, a being heartless bitches. They have no idea what a day's work is and do not know how much a dollar's worth. They have no idea what trust is, and will turn on their friend if they like the same person as they do.
Example 1
Generic Prep 1: Hi Amanda! Look at my new shoes!
Generic Prep 2: Wow, Ashley! There the same shoes you have about 30 pairs of, but these ones look shinier!

Normal girl: She probably bought them with daddy's credit card.

Example 2:
Preppy dude 1: Hey Brad, nice new Hollister shirt!
Preppy dude 2: Thanks, I have a million of these.

Normal dude: Friggen' man whore.
#prep #generic #hollister #idiot #retard
by Brianna the smart emo January 03, 2009

especially those preppy girly girls who takes FOREVER to get ready in the morning just cause they need their hair to be perfect and the way they look

sadly, NO ONE CARES about what you think of yourself

honestly, it's ok to be a little obsessive over yourself, but just don't overdo it

another reason they're preps is that they pick on people who DRESS DIFFERENTLY FROM THEMSELVES

i mean, wtf what made you think you had a fucking chance at making fun of someone else

it's not like you're any better than they are and at least they're not sluts who's like "ew is that dirt in my nails?"

no boy would honestly date preppy girls even if they do they'll eventually BREAK UP WITH THEM because they'll realize how mean they are how sensitive they are

even if boys date those preppies well they're only the ones who're A JERK to even think about taking an interest into those girls

Preps - Is that dirt?
Yes, it is, got a problem?
Preps - Well it's gross.. get it away from me, I don't want that piece of shit on my new skirt!
#preppy #girls #boys #bitches #sluts
by Madelyn Black June 18, 2008
When some one is referred to as a prep, they usually reside on the East Coast; around the tri-state area. New England, regions of New York and New Jersey. They do not subject themselves to wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Armani Exchange, American Eagle Outfitters. They wear Brooks Brothers, occasionally RL & Lacoste, Emporio Armani, etc. DO NOT GET THEM CONFUSED WITH GUIDOS. They attend preparatory schools or go to exclusive public schools such as Stuyvesant High School. They usually come from a long line old money; they can be thought of as patricians. They reside on the Upper West Side or Upper East Side around Madison, 5th Avenue, Lexington, etc.
Girl: A&F/AE preps give the original preps a bad name.
#preppie #prep #east coast #upper east side #ues
by East Coast x3 November 08, 2006
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