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flipping up the collar of a shirt most likely a polo means normally your a pimp or just a prep
that guys pimpin that popped colla'!

Ever since i can remember I've been poppin my collar

Uh oh hes poppin the collar hes in playa mode
by Jakizzle March 21, 2006
The stupid act of flipping up your collar on your polo to look "fly" even though you end up looking like a complete fool.
Haha that kid is such a wigger poppin the collar tryin to be black.
by SystemError June 04, 2006
the act of flipping up the collar of a Ralph Lauren polo shirt done by preppy kids or frat dudes who are pimps
Yo, dude, the ladies really like it when you're poppin the collar. Hit it, playa!
by Soliduss April 17, 2006
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