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A prep is NOT some slutty bitch wearing A&F.

A prep is NOT the three chicks from mean girls.

A prep is NOT the guy who makes fun of you for wearing all black.

A prep is a gently reared east coast (mostly) *preparatory school attending* boy or girl. A prep knows certain things such as how to pronounce Greenwich Village and Boca Raton, what to wear at a country club, what exactly an oxford shirt is, what chinos are, to pull out the chair of the girl to the right of you when at dinner, how to play tennis and golf, where Vineyard Vines is from and about how much their bags cost. A prep knows what Seersuckers are and owns often more than one pair, they shop at places like St. Johns, Ralph Lauren Purple Label (and blue), Lily Pulitzer, LaCoste and sometimes J. Crew and Burberry.

A prep is often Old Money, meaning that they have had money in their family for generations. They are usually a family of doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. The major difference between a Old Money prep and a New Money prep is that New Money flaunts their wealth, where an Old Money prep has had money in their family for generations and is more careful.

They vacation at Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Hilton Head, South Beach, Coconut Grove, St. Bart's, Barbados, Boca Raton, Fiji, Sundance, Sun Valley, Alta, Telluride and Duck. They usually have more than one house, a ski house and a summer house. They usually go to ivy league colleges, popular choices are Harvard and Yale.

To tell a *real* prep look for certain things:

In a girl:
1) cable knit sweater from ralph lauren or lily

2) matching bow in hair

3) a skirt or pressed khakis sometimes a prep wears jeans, but only Sevens, Citizens of Humanity or Diesel.

4) fashionable sunglasses, often Chanel or Dior but ones that aren't overly gaudy.

5) popped collar and often double polo

6) pearl earrings and necklace, often a tiffany's bracelet.

7) a ribbon belt

In a guy:

1) cable knit sweater vest

2) polo, often lacoste

3) plaid pants, or pressed khakis

4) boat shoes

5) a shag hair cut

6) a really expensive watch, often Rolex
Girl 1: "Want to come with me to my house at the Vineyard? I mean you invited me to Sundance!"

Girl 2: "I'd love to! I have to finish writing my college essay though, my dad wants me to go to Yale."

Girl 1: "OMG! My dad wants me to go to Yale too! We can like, go together!!"
by firefly212 June 11, 2005

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A place right across the potomac from Washington D.C. Home to the C.I.A and where most of the really wealthy senators, politicians and high government officials live.

Northern Virginia (and the D.C. area) are home to some of the most competitive, elite and exclusive preparatory schools in the country (see: NCS, St Stephens St Agnes, St Albans, Holton, Madeira, Woodberry and Sidwell) Northern Virginia is among one of the richest counties in the country and is one of the areas of the highest expense to live as well.

However, Northern Virginia ranges from poor and full of immigrants (South Arlington... Arlington for the most part) to haunts of the fabulously wealthy (Great Falls, Langley, McLean, Falls Church, Northern Arlington, Alexandria and Middleburg).

Northern Virginia is in no way Southern, though some southern people live there... the rich ones of course. Northern Virginia is, however, slower and friendlier than NYC, making New Yorkers hate NoVAers because they get the best of both worlds.

NoVAers like to complain about how there's nothing to do when the nation's capitol is a 10 minutes drive away. They also are amused about how afraid everyone was of the sniper and when relatives come to visit and are actually interested in D.C. The traffic is awful and the drivers are really uptight and agressive. It takes 15 minutes to drive 7 miles and people honk the horn if you don't peel out the *second* the light turns green.
NoVA1: Omg, so I went to South Carolina and I went to McDonalds because I was desperate for a drink and the people there spoke ENGLISH!!!



by firefly212 June 11, 2005

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