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A prep is not a bitch, slut or ditz. If you are one of these, its not because you are a prep, its because thats just your personality. A prep does not hate other people because they are different, but because they hate preps. It's not our fault we like to dress nice in bright colors and that were always happy. A true prep doesn't shop at Abercrombie or Hollister, but wears Seven for All Mankind, Lacoste, and Juicy. Normally a prep is smart, because they go to good colleges. Now tell me, is it really their fault theyre parents have good jobs and make good money? No! You would dress well if your parents had the money for it. By the way we dont say oh my god and like in every sentence. Stop stereotyping and look.
Girl 1:A prep dresses well and has a good attitude towards life.
Girl 2:Stop flattering yourself!
by BumblBee September 01, 2005

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