The bitches that talk behind your back, yet are very genial when in close contact with you. They often wear Aberzombie & Bitch, American Eagle, AERO, and my least favorite because it makes me look like a motherfucking traffic cone, Hollister. They usually are very ignorant, they spend $120 on ripped jeans, while you can go to walmart and buy ok jeans and fuck them up yourself. They usually will be the people talking shit about their 25 best friends behind their backs. They sometimes are in advanced/gifted classes yet most of them lack a brain or they have one and are unable to use it.
Prep 1: LyKe oMg I jUsT bRoKe mY nAiL!
Prep 2: I lYkE jUsT mAdE oUt wItH tHe sTaR qUaRtErBaCk!

Me: Stfu stupid preps!!!!!! And quit talking about guys who will never dump you within 5 days. Get a life!!!!!
by andy the fucking mandy April 03, 2008
Preps are generally from a WASP family who tend to be from upper middle class to upper class. They attend preparatory schools on the east coast and are very involved in various activities, including: sailing, rowing, tennis, badminton, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, football and rugby.

Their families usually come from a line of prep families, however new money families are sometimes the exception. Prep families are never flamboyant about their wealth and would much rather buy a very classic architecturally stunning home than an unattractive monster home. Their parents tend to drive cars of good quality such as BMW's and Mercedes Benz but not cars such as Hummers which are very conspicuous.

Their parents either have inherited old money or have very respectable jobs, such as: lawyers, real estate developers, business entrepreneurs, doctors and various different investors.

Their upbringing is very important to the prep lifestyle, they are taught to treat people kindly and with respect unlike common the common prep stereotype which is portrayed in movies such as movies Mean Girls and although it is a very big hit amongst young preps it does not at all represent the true prep lifestyle. Their parents want the best education for their children which is why they end up sending them to prestigious private schools and universities. They tend to belong to various country clubs and/or yacht clubs. Prep families vacation quite a bit to places such as Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard or other exclusives places.

Preps have a very defined style and their clothes are usually in the pastel pallet of colors. They wear brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer, The North Face and Vineyard Vines. A girls wardrobe consists of polos (which are worn with the collar popped up), Lilly skirts, cardigans and oxfords. A guys wardrobe consists of polos (which are worn with the collar popped up as well)seersucker shorts and khakis.

Overall a real prep is not what most people consider one to be (slutty, mean and backstabbing bitches) but more so people that are born into the preppy lifestyle.

Winchester and Richard looked very preppy golfing in their Lacoste and Ralph Lauren polos.
by Richard Van Dusen December 08, 2006
Preps are snobs,sluts, have school spirit,posers and make fun of anyone who is not like them or don't worship them. They don't like any particular group but their own. And if you don't wear the same brand of clothes as them then they definetley think your a loser. Preps wear tight shirts, mini skirts, tight pants okay pretty much anything that is revealing. If someone dresses like that and they are not a prep then a prep calls them a slut. Which is weird any way you look at it. Preps aren't known to be very open minded at all. They kiss up to you when adults are around like you guys are best buds. They brag about how they get new things everyday. Or how they want to be models or actors. But mostly they aren't going to amount to anyone because they smoke,get high, and drink. They think they can get any guy/girl(which isn't true) They think will have their looks forever(which is definetly not true)They think everyone idolizes them and want to be like them and they think people are jealous. No one is jealous and I don't know how preps came up with that one MAYBE to ease the pain of being a FUCKIN small MINDED IDIOT!!!No one likes preps because they act like they are all that and have bad attitudes and judge people by the clothing they wear.No one feels sorry for a prep when their made fun of because plainly some really do deserve it. So until preps change their attitudes about people's appearance then I don't think anyone will care about their fucking retarded asses.
(At the mall with family and Prep comes up)
Prep comes up
by gothic rose December 12, 2004
What people think of when they hear prep-
snobby person who wears exclusively Coach, abercrombie and fitch, and hollister. Applies lipgloss 3253 tpms (times per millisecond) Snubs goths, losers, and emos. Sluts who wear mini skirts all the time.

What a true prep is.
well-educated, fairly affluent young people who are known for their neat, traditional, often expensive clothing style. Wears Polo, Lacoste, J.Crew, Lilly, DKNY, and Juicy Couture. A prep doesn't wear much makeup. A prep is rich because of money inherited from a long line of wealth. Watch Laguna beach and see true preps. Preps don't snub goths, losers, or emos. Preps just stick to their own group and have their own world.
fake preps
Leslie: Liiiiiike omggggg I loooov your Abercrombie and Fitch shirt!!!!!
Brenda: Liiiike omggggg I love yourrsss toooo!!!!
Leslie: eeeeee!!!!!
Brenda: eeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Leslie: Liiiike I need more makeup!!!
Brenda: *applying lipgloss*

True preps
Jayme: Hey Karen what's up!
Karen: Hey Jayme-I haven't seen you forever, you know what? We should go play tennis today.
Jayme: Ok-hey what do you think of Yale so far?
Karen: It's hard but I really want to get a good grade this semester, so I'm studying hard.
Jayme: Yeah me too-are you going to the yacht party this weekend?
Karen: Yeah, yesterday I bought a new lilly dress-I'll wear that.
Jayme: Ok-let's go play tennis
Karen: Ok
Punk emo: Hey ladies....
Karen: Hi
Punk emo: Care to join me and my friends on a party at Frank's bar today?
Jayme: Sorry-we're busy, and I don't go to bars anyways
Punk emo: really?
Karen: Yeah
Punk emo: *leaves:
Karen: Jayme, let's play.
Jayme: picks up tennis racket and plays tennis with Karen
by ph0ebe November 17, 2006
A real prep doesn't wear American Eagle, Hollister, or Aeropostale. A real prep doesn't touch Abercrombie (it's tasteless garbage and nobody with class would wear shirts with slogans). Preppy is Polo, Lacoste, Burberry, Lilly Pulitzer, pearls, loafers, popped collars, plaid, madras, crewneck sweaters with ponies/palm trees/etc on them. Preppy is huge sunglasses, anything excessive, expensive, or lavish. Preps belong to country clubs, play sports with racquets, spend summers on the Vineyard, at the Hamptons, or in Nantucket, and wouldn't be caught dead cheerleading. And one more thing - money. Old or new, but preferably old.
"I can't believe that people think that any slutty high school girl not wearing black nail polish is preppy! Preps have class."
by LillyP September 04, 2005
A prep is traditionally someone who comes from a WASP family living in New England, but the definition has expanded. A prep can now be used to describe anyone from a wealthy, New England family, who most likely participates in lacrosse, sailing, rugby, crew, field hockey, ice hockey, polo, and other like minded sports. It is a requisite for both boys and girls to be able to sail and play lacrosse to some extent. They value intelligence, sociability, physical attractiveness, and wealth.

A true prep DOES NOT wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Juicy Couture, and other brands, as those are considered Jap brands, and although they have become in modern slang "preppy", are not, and should be called "jappy". They do wear Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Hermes, and other, more conservative brands. Both plaid and Madras are very popular in the 2007-2008 year.

Family tolerance for drinking alcohol is surprisingly high, and as they often have large amounts of wines, rum, vodka, vermouth, scotch, and other expensive liquors in their houses, underage drinking often starts as young as 15. Drug use however, is expressively forbidden even within the most lax families, and such use is seriously punished.

While most people think that preps hate goths, skaters, and other stereotypes, they do not, but rather loathe Japs, who consider themselves preps, even though they just degrade the term.
Prep 1: Look at that Jap.

Prep 2: Wow, she thinks she's preppy just because she wears Abercrombie & Fitch and Couture.

Prep 1: She's such poser.

Prep 2: She thinks she's so preppy but shes so jappy.
by Pro-prep, anti-JAP June 10, 2007
One who cares about personal appearance, shops at nice stores, and is generally more image-conscience then others. The term prep has been identified with bitches and sluts, which is a stereotype and is rarely true.

Originally derived from preparatory schools, prep has turned into a term people use to classify a certain group of people who act and dress a certain way. This does not mean that all preps are the same or that they are all bad or good.

Prep seems to be used as a derogatory term, when really it is just another name for a clique or group of people. I think of prep as either a meaningless term or a positive one.
Person One: Did you see that slut face bitch? She is such a prep!
Person Two: Maybe if you took the time to get to know her you wouldn't think of preps in such a negative way :)
by Julieee April 24, 2006

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