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A slutty prep is an interesting cross between a true preppy and a slut. They often have a good amount of money or are at least well to do. Slutty preps wear all the prep clothes from American eagle, Abercrombie, Polo etc, but wear them in a tight provacitive manner. (tight low cut shirts, very short skirts etc.) They often have the social skills of your normal prep but use them to beat down on others. Slutty Preps often discriminate against punks, goths, nerds, and anyone else that doesnt fit into their social class. It is this variety of prep that often leads to the misconception that all preps are horrible, self absorbed people. Slutty preps often dont hold boyfriends very long and dont end up in committed relationships since 90% of their self confidence comes from a combination of seeing how many guys they can lay and knocking down others self confidence. Slutty preps are one of the worst of the variety of preps, they often only travel in groups and should be avoided. They usually live with the delusion they can get any guy that they want and often try to prove it to girls who piss them off.
Slutty Prep 1: "oh my gosh, look at that stupid nerd."
Sp 2: " I know, shes so stupid, lets go steal her boyfriend"
by anonymous January 15, 2005
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