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Three cute little chipmunks with really squeaky voices who sing for a living and are raised by David Seville, who acts as their father. The ringleader, Alvin, always enjoys annoying everyone around him.
I really love the Alvin and the Chipmunks song "Alvin for President". It's so funny, and he could do a better job than Bush.
by A.Nonymous February 03, 2007
There are three definitions of prep:

1) The country-club tennis-playing yacht-partying Ivy-league-attending preps who consider themselves the 'true' preps. Many have already posted dtheir definitions here.

And in the middle-class world:

2) The upper-middle class folk who wear Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and Hollister. They are also sometimes known as "cookie-cutters." The cookie-cutter prep can be found throughout most suburban American highschools. They are generally intelligent and in good classes, even though they often appear somewhat vacuous. The boys like to goof off, while the girls giggle at the boy's antics. Tending to dress rather conservatively and in pastels, they are often nice enough and are not vindictive to friends because they have perfect lives and never fight. They tend to not be vindictive to other social groups or those outside their cliques either because they a) ignore them as often as possible and b) have no quarrels with anyone. They are a tight-knit if large, group, all with iPods, Razrs, Ugs, and the latest handbag. Surprisinglly, they mayl be friendly to other, 'nerdier' classmates on the rare occasions when they communicate with them. Of course, this does not stop most of them from the obsessive use of "like," or from being arrogant and obnoxious, especially the boys. These may also be called perfect or pretty preps.

3) The third type of prep is the slutty prep. Slutty preps are often friends with the pretty preps, so there is a lot of room for confusion. However, a slutty prep can be anywhere in the middle-class and is much more vindictive, obnoxious, etc. While most female pretty preps are flat chested, the slutty preps are generally(though not always) size D and they know it. Clothing, while from the same venues as the perfect preps, is generally tighter and shows much more cleavage. Slutty preps also tend to be less intelligent, and people are often surprised if one gets into an honor class. Slutty preps curse more, call other people names more, and gossip more. They are more capable of backstabbing and racial slurs, and can generally be described as sluts. While one might want to become a pretty or true prep, one does not want to become a slutty prep. It should also be noted that slutty preps are often the ones with the blonde dye jobs that are growing out or else bad blonde highlights, while pretty preps may have ribbons in their ponytails. Slutty preps are also generally unatheletic, while perfect preps may play soccer, field hockey, tennis, lacrosse, etc. Slutty preps are also more elitist, often harrassing those they consider below them on the social ladder (though to almost everyone except themselves, and their friends, they are often near the bottom of the ladder. No one likes a prep who calls every black girl in the school a bitch and a whore.).

All preps have either long, straight hair or else keep long, dark, curly hair in a ponytail.
1) Lauren is a true prep. She calmly read her Harvard acceptance letter in her new J.Crew outfit before partying on her boyfriend's yacht.

2) Natasha plays field hockey in the fall and tennis in the spring, while on weekends she shops at AE and parties at school dances. All while scoring perfectly on the AP exam. Isn't she such a prep?

3) Marly enjoys making fun of the nerds and smart black girls, but she's so stupid that she thought Washington crossed the Mississppi in a new Hollister shirt while ordering his men on a Razr. What a prep.
by A.Nonymous February 02, 2007
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