When bunnin a zute, if someone is all scared about fedds clockin them then they would be prang.
Not just bunnin, it could be anything dangerous.
1:shit is that man a cop
2:na fam ur just prang
1na im not man!
2:u are tho man just cotch!
1:iyt mate sorry.
#paranoid #scared #worried #pranng #prangg
by manssss August 01, 2011
An intersex organ defined by the presence of testicles dangling from a vagina.
Dude, they had to end sex change half way through because of a fire alarm and now I'm stuck with this stupid prang.
#vagina #balls #transsexual #sexchange #dirty
by G_GOODMAN March 14, 2011
(n) a prang:
1. a freak out/breakdown/trip out

(v)to prang:
2. to freak out/trip out/unnecessarily worry/be very scared
3. can also be used when psyching/freaking someone else out
1. 'I don't know if I fed the cat. Did I feed the cat? What if I didn't feed the cat? Who's gonna feed the cat? Will the cat die?'
'Stop havin a prang. noone cares.'

2. 'O shit. I think I killed the cat. I'm prangin bares.'

3. 'You don't need to feed the cat. I killed it.'
'HAHAHA just prangin just prangin'
#prangin #pranging #fear #psyche #pranging out
by megapseud June 08, 2009
A slang term for cocaine.
Ah mate, did you see how much prang she did?
#drugs #cocaine #crack #snort #snow #charlie
by dark_link64 January 11, 2008
The noise something big, dangerous and expensive makes when it breaks.
Whoa I heard that the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl went PRANG. Let's head for a different continent.
#crunch #boom #busted #broke #ohno
by Melanie5 June 07, 2010
To get, or be, paranoid
by bumbaclot October 07, 2003
mixture of crack and coke
im pranging out- ive jus taken crack and coke
#coke #crack #crack-cocaine #snow #angel dust
by J-amizzle April 10, 2006
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