A vagina with two balls.
"That guy is in the middle of a sex change, he must have a prang!"
by Kyle Bakes. October 15, 2007
Prang means to be scared or run
Police raid a crack house.
"Shit blood we best prang."
"I`m bare prang."
by Token black man July 24, 2005
to call someone on a mobile phone and ring off before any credit is used. Specifically used to draw attention when you have little actual credit.
I hate it when mark prangs me. That man is cheap.
by davey-boy October 29, 2005
a hooked shaped dick - like captain hooks hook in peter pan
that boy has a prang
by michelle November 02, 2003
Prang is another word for being hungry or wanting foodstuffs.
Bloody hell guys I'm pranging for some spaghetti bolognaise.
Fucking Ainsley Harriott always makes me prang for shitting gherkins.
via giphy
by TheRealDesmondTutu May 11, 2016
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