Whn someone fear an event which is about to happen to them eventually.

In other terms Shitting themselves
'He got so prang when Antony switched on him'
by = CjaY = March 11, 2004
To crash something, usually a car.
"I had a bad 'prang'. I 'pranged' into a new Rolls Royce."
by Diego August 18, 2003
drug enduced sketchiness
'I think he's gonna chiv me'

"Don't prang man tsall eeeasy"
#paranoid #sketchin' #un-easy #worried #badtiptrippin
by C0rkie April 10, 2006
1.(noun) The sound speakers make when there is a cell phone or any other electrical disturbance.
When i heard the prang i knew i was about to get a text message.
#john mayer #cell phone #speakers #pring #prong
by Jay Phil August 25, 2008
To be well scared when someone's about to switch on you, or you're about to get a cap in yo' punk ass!
"Oh man, I was bare prang when Ricky C said he was gwan stab me up"
by MC-Bazil March 28, 2003
(v.) To badly damage. Usually in reference a forceful car crash, often resulting in a write off.
I pranged your car.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 10, 2004
The sound your computer makes when your cellphone is about to ring. Coined by John Mayer at his August 2008 concert in Hartford, Connecticut.
"And your computer is like 'Prang! Shut up I think you're about to get a call!'"-John Mayer
#john #mayer #prang #computer #concert
by forsparta August 27, 2008
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