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The ultimate pinnacle of skill. To be the best.

See Daniel Wagner
Daniel is pr0 at life.
by the pr0 one January 30, 2005
The polar opposite of "pro" or "professional".
Used as an insult, often paired with sarcasm in order to achieve full effectiveness.
The way you landed on your face after falling down those stairs was pr0 dude.

Look at him go, being rejected by all the girls in the club, such a pr0.
by TheBewitchingPisces April 03, 2011
A person who uses a mouse that allows him to use a low sensitivity as possible (Often beyond 40cm of mouse movement on the table to perform a 360 turn in-game).

This provides the 'pr0' the ability have perfect control of his aim.

With some practice, anyone can become a pr0.
Man, you're so pr0, you sank in the sea!
by BullHorn7 May 16, 2007

meaning a small boney creature from dirty areas
A shy but arrogant little thing, it tends not to leave its home or socialise in a group but does mate once a year with a giant ginger monster
by cookie July 19, 2003
A computer gaymer who owns BY7!!
Rhyzz, not AdY cos hes a jippo
by Anonymous August 01, 2003

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