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can go fast (inna car)
music sound dope up loud
man his system hella pounds...
by aread February 05, 2008
2 4
Street slang for any form of correctional facilty
Swoop down with my nigga' from the Pound -> 2PAC
by Rob Myself February 10, 2006
9 11
Regional. Hawaii. Pidgin English.

1. beat up

2. get hit by a big wave or waves while wave riding

3. to drink quickly
1. Ho, dat Sole got pounded by da Vietnamee kid!

2. At da beach today, no can handle. Got pounded!

3. Eh, just pound dat beah!
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
14 16
5 bucks
Dogg, what up wit that pound you owe me.
by face April 30, 2003
13 15
the act of inserting your penis into a vagina, thrusting about until ejaculation.
"I would really enjoy it if you pounded me right now, sir."

"Let's pound like pound puppies."
by alexpotpie February 20, 2005
15 18
refence to how many thousands of dollars were made on a car deal, one pound is a thousand dollars made by the dealership.
"good job, you just wrapped up a four pounder"
by huckleberry finn October 23, 2005
1 5
Long Beach
lb = pound
I got to Pound State University.
Yeah, I was chillin' in Pound the other day
by Jasmin May 07, 2005
5 14